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In giving the gift of sight, you're not only helping someone to see again, you're helping to build stronger communities.

Waldo SightSavers

We've partnered with Sightsavers to further pursue our mission of ending avoidable blindness and championing positive vision.

Your WALDO purchase will fund life-changing sight correcting procedures for those living with vision-related disabilities. WALDO expects to be able to donate $4,500,000 to Sightsavers by the end of 2025.

Daily Contact Lenses

By enrolling onto one of our contact lens subscription plans, with each year that you're with us, you'll be providing a much-needed cataract surgery to an individual who would otherwise be at risk of blindness.

What are cataracts?

Cataracts occur when cloudy patches develop in the clear lens inside your eye, stopping light from reaching the back of the eye, and causing blurred or misty vision. If left untreated cataracts can cause total blindness.

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Cataract surgery

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Blue Light Glasses

We'll fund the cost of a pair of prescription glasses for someone in need, for every pair of glasses sold.

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Prescription Glasses

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Building stronger communities


Your WALDO purchase will fund sight-saving products and treatments, which will directly help an individual to complete daily tasks and participate equally in their community, ensuring that no one is left behind.

Immediate community

By helping somebody in need, you'll also be helping the immediate community surrounding this individual to thrive, because in many cases vision is critical to daily life.

Wider community

By helping small groups of individuals, the localities that these individuals are a part of will become more supported and more efficient.

Across the globe

Our partnership with Sightsavers focuses on low and middle income countries in Africa and Asia.

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