Our Story

At WALDO, we believe in the power of positive vision

waldo daily contact lenses
waldo lenses are high quality and low-cost

A new way of looking at things

We promise to never lose sight of what’s important - creating the highest quality products to make your everyday eyecare routine enjoyable. We save you money by removing the complex distribution in the industry and shipping to you from our factories. You’ll get the quality, without the cost - simple.

Waldo experience

A positive experience

With registered opticians in-house and a customer service team waiting to talk to you, we aim to be the company that doesn't add jobs to your to-do lists, but ticks them off. Eyecare should be a fun and enjoyable experience, not a chore. That’s why we talk about the power of positive vision.

Our factories

We've partnered with internationally recognised and certified suppliers to make sure our eyecare products always meet the high quality standard you deserve.

waldo high quality factory