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Top 6 questions to ask your eye doctor

Top 6 questions to ask your eye doctor

Transitioning to contact lenses can be a daunting thing if you have no idea what to expect. However, the process is pretty easy and actually quite unique. We’ve listed our most frequently asked questions for opticians so that you can come prepared when visiting your eye doctor and feel reassured that you are doing what’s right for you.

Do I still need to wear sunglasses outdoors whilst wearing contact lenses?

To protect your eyes against the sun’s harmful rays, many contact lenses are able to block UV-A and UV-B rays. However, it is important to note that not all ultraviolet rays can be blocked with just contact lenses alone, therefore, we still advise you to wear sunglasses to fully protect your eyes.

Can I wear contact lenses all day?

The exact length of time you can wear contact lenses varies depending on each individual. Some people may be able to wear contact lenses for up to 14 to 16 hours a day, however, others may not due to factors such as eye dryness. WALDO lenses can help with issues such as this as they feature a multilayer of moisturizing hyaluronic acid agents that provide maximum moisture meaning you can comfortably wear your contact lenses all day long.

Why are contact lenses so expensive?

Having correct vision shouldn't come with a price but unfortunately the contact lens market is majorly dominated by big pharmaceutical companies who use third party companies in their complex distribution process. This often means that for consumers, contact lenses become more expensive due to all of these organisations taking a cut.

Modern day eye care doesn’t need customers to compromise their optical health for cheaper alternatives and we’ve spoken more about it here.

How often do I need to purchase my contact lenses?

This depends on the lenses you choose and how often you wear contact lenses to suit your lifestyle.

Daily lenses are worn for only one day and must be discarded when you remove them. These often come as a pack of 30 lenses, which can be worn every day as a one-month supply. 

Monthly lenses can be reworn and are only replaced either monthly or bi-weekly. These are longer lasting but must be cleaned properly to ensure healthy wearing.

Both types of lenses can be set up on a direct debit however delivery times may differ.

WALDO daily lenses work on a flexible subscription basis allowing you to purchase plans in monthly, quarterly, annual or bi-annual options which contain 2, 6 and 12 boxes respectively, or 60, 180 or 360 lenses. If you only require lenses for one eye, the plans will contain 1, 3 or 6 boxes. Following a simple subscription means that you don’t have to forget about repurchasing your lenses and leaving WALDO to keep you stocked up!

How do I know if contact lenses are right for me?

Trialling contact lenses is your best bet for ensuring that they are right for you and suit your lifestyle. Trying on lenses to see how they feel is vital before committing to a contact lens subscription plan and that’s where WALDO might be the right choice for you. WALDO offers all new customers a free 10-day trial of contact lenses to allow you to decide if contact lenses are right for you. Following your trial, your subscription will continue on a quarterly delivery schedule unless you request otherwise.

How will my optician ensure I'm fit with the best lens for me personally?

The health of your cornea will be evaluated using a biomicroscope which provides a highly magnified view of your cornea so that your optician can ensure you are a good candidate for contact lens wear. Your optician will give you a trial pair of contact lenses in your prescription to then evaluate the fit of the trial contact lens. They will observe the alignment and movement of the lens as it sits on the surface of your eye. You will then be required to return for a follow-up appointment so that your optician can confirm that the lenses you are about to purchase continue to fit well and sit comfortably on your eye. After this is confirmed, your optician will finalise and sign your contact lens prescription. Going through this careful process ensures that your contact lenses are the best fit for your eye so you can be reassured that your eye health is in good hands. In addition, WALDO offers access to expert eyecare advice online courtesy of WALDO's in-house opticians so that if you have any questions or queries regarding your contact lenses you know you are supported by eyecare professionals every step of the way.

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