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The Visionaries: Introducing Knox Robinson

The Visionaries: Introducing Knox Robinson

Introducing NYC-based writer, coach and running culture trailblazer, Knox Robinson: 

Knox Robinson has completed it all. From founding his own running club, to leading the people of NYC around the city's most impressive undiscovered running routes -  you name it, he’s done it (and most likely run it, at top speed).

Knox differs from his competitive counterparts in his approach to running though. Steering away from medals and pedestals, Knox’s mind isn’t on logging miles - it’s firmly on the journey. Acting as a coach and curator of running experiences, Knox is co-founder of Black Roses NYC  - a running collective promoting the lifestyle and culture of running with a focus on group training, and he’s passionate about drawing attention to the expression of a physical voice we as human beings have been practicing for over 85,000 years. 

We can’t wait for you to hear his story, and wherever his next journey takes him, we’ve vowed to keep up.

Watch Knox’s story below.


Twitter/Instagram: @firstrun

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