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Daily vs monthly contact lenses: our in-house optician’s guide to choosing amid COVID

Daily vs monthly contact lenses: our in-house optician’s guide to choosing amid COVID

With cleanliness and hygiene a hot topic right now, we're keen to understand how best we can care for our eyes during this time. Our in-house optician, Anita, has made it clear that daily lenses are the right choice for ensuring optimum eye health through a global pandemic, so today we’re breaking down why.  


Hey Anita, would you recommend wearing daily, weekly or monthly lenses during this time? 

Definitely dailies. In short, daily lenses are the healthier option for your eyes as a fresh lens is applied everyday. They are individually packed so wearers can keep a spare pair with them at all times, wherever they are, meaning there’s no need to carry a lens case or solution with you while you’re out and about. Being able to snap open a 100% fresh lens, without the need for storing and sanitising, greatly reduces the chance of infection or contamination (as long as your hands are clean). Remember, you should always wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and make sure they are completely dry before applying and removing your lenses.


What should you do if you feel worried the lenses you’re wearing might have become contaminated while you’re out? 

Monthlies can be risky in this scenario. Although the lenses are cleaned (or should be!) every time they are worn, there is always a risk they could get contaminated either from the solution bottle or the contact lens case. With dailies, it is easy to carry a spare pair or two with you if for any reason you would need to replace your lenses. For example, if you’re worried somebody may have sneezed close to you, you should sanitise your hands and replace your lenses. As daily lenses are individually packed, this makes things a lot easier and means you’re able to act quickly, reducing your chance of infection or contamination. 


How about people who don’t wear lenses all the time? Which option would you recommend as being more convenient?

Definitely dailies. The reason being is that on removal, the lens is thrown away so there is no hassle of cleaning. This means dailies are great for occasional use as wearers don’t have to store them when they’re not wearing them. As a result, they’ll experience less contact lens related complications and a lot less hassle! 


So which lens would you say is more cost effective? 

In my opinion, dailies. If the monthly lens splits or is damaged, the wearer will need to open the next month’s lens. This means the monthly lens goes to waste and they would have to wear an entirely new one. If this happens often, which it is likely to over the course of a year, then this is a waste of money! In contrast, when a daily lens is damaged only one day’s worth is wasted. Wearing long-wear lenses also comes with the added cost of paying for lens solution, which is a necessary but costly eyecare expense - and something which is not necessary with individually packed dailies. 


So in cases like this, users might be tempted to stick with their damaged lens?

Yes, in my experience this often means wearers might want to use the lens longer than they technically should. For example, if they are out they may not have a spare to hand. The more often the lens is re-used, the more likely it is to build up proteins or deposits, reducing the comfort and risking eye-health. 


Thanks so much Anita! 

No problem, any other questions just shout! I’m available Monday-Wednesday 9am-5pm, so just drop me a message on or give me a call on 020 3176 8063

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